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Having watched Project Runway for years (SHOCK!) I – along with the public at large – have become a little enamoured with Tim Gunn. He really makes the mentor role on Project Runway his own by striking a perfect balance between warmth and honesty. Basically, he’s super nice but not afraid to tell someone their work looks like shit. In short, AMAZING.

He’s also very gracious. Each episode the contestants go shopping for fabric and that scene of mass chaos always ends with Tim Gunn orating “Thank you Mood!” in his rather affected voice. I love this and wish to borrow (steal) it for my own life.

To that end I’ve been trying to work up the courage to yell it out as I leave local establishments – e.g. “Thank you Starbucks!,” “Thank you David’s Tea!” – but I’m as yet unsure I can pull it off. To be fair, Tim Gunn is surrounded by a gaggle of fashion designers and a camera crew while I’m tottering out of the shop with no more than a good friend and a cup of tea. Significantly different. Either way I’m going to make this happen.

Watch out local businesses!