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Kelly Clarkson, People Like Us: super stylin'

How could anyone not love Kelly Clarkson? Now, given, I’m a card carrying ‘mo and can therefore be excommungayted for anti-Kelly opinions but seriously… KELLY CLARKSON.

Aside from the booming voice and power pop anthems theres someone who seems the perfect blend of ridiculously likeable and not afraid to stand by her convictions. Another thing that’s amazing about Kelly Clarkson? The fine line she walks with songs that play well to a mass audience and in their true home, the sweaty, testosterone-tinged chapel to females with powerful voices and thumping beats: the gay bar. If you have never experienced a Kelly Clarkson chorus in the midst of a dancefloor packed with gays then I would suggest it’s something you need to add to your bucket list.

See below Clarko’s latest queer friendly effort People Like Us (COME ON with that title).

I need to take a quick aside at this point to analyze this glorious music video. First of all, there’s some serious Peter Parker shit going on with those glasses. I hardly recognized our heroine in them!? What’s up with that? Then Kelly’s serving up some black and white Detox realness.

RuPaul's Drag Race, Detox: not a black and white photo

Amazing. It goes all Pleasantville and then we’re treated to some high budget CGI that celebrates the fact that Kelly has stolen a child. Also there’s a chest pound. It would hard to make it any gayer even if it had Michael Douglas and Matt Damon getting busy Liberace and Scott Thorson styles (How good was Behind the Candelabra?) as Kelly sped into that hyper-realistic tunnel.

To skip back a little I cannot wait to throw some shapes to this on my next visit to my gay bar of choice Numbers. When that chorus breaks I’m gonna throw my hands in the air “a misfit living in a world on fire” as Kelly sings “for the people like us” and I yell to the DJ “turn it up loud while the flames get higher.” AMAZING.

Well-played as usual Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson, People Like Us: chest pound