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here's to not being ashamed of enjoying amazing songs

I have never been a fan of Avril Lavigne. Frankly, ever since Complicated first made a dent on popular culture I have despised the woman. I remember distinctly having a rather heated discussion with my brother regarding her being a popstar. For the record there’s nothing I despise more than a popstar who tries to dress themselves up as something else.


That being said as a fan of pop music I force myself to be open to pop even from sources that I might despise for non-aural reasons. It is for this reason that Avril Lavigne’s latest Here’s to Never Growing Up reminds me rather a lot of Miley Cyrus’ pop triumph Party In the USA. Both are supremely enjoyable summer pop anthems from otherwise personally irritating media personalities.

If we’re getting serious about it, which Popjustice does excellently as per usual – Here’s To Never Growing Up could be seen a subtle acknowledgement of Avril Lavigne’s relationship with her record buying public. She continues to push out punk-pop anthems for 16 year old, eternally living in a pubescent world herself, never allowed to mature for fear of losing her audience. The video (below) even sees her back in a loose-fitting tie that became so much the look early on in her career.

Also, maybe she has no idea that the lyrics are a little bit sad and autobiographical for all the wrong reasons – that might even make it more amazing – and more to the point it doesn’t matter. Avril has delivered a perfect summer anthem and you can’t take that away from her. Strip away your dislike of the pop poseur and let yourself revel in a brilliant pop song.

Here’s to never growing up, indeed.