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hello future: split bills

I was out at dinner the other day and the subject of splitting the bill came up. To be frank it all went a bit tits up but this was the first time in a long time that it hadn’t been easy as pie.

While the young’ens out there might not remember this, splitting the bill at the end of a meal used to be the biggest palaver. How something so simple took so long to get right is beyond me but it really was like pulling teeth trying to properly sort out a bill.

Then one day someone – who hopefully has a Nobel Prize for his or her efforts – cracked the magical code that allows us today to live in a world where splitting bills is all very matter of fact. It’s so often just done for you in advance now: I love it. Every item magically assigned to its consumer. Oft-times split items (appetizers, etc) are even split between multiple bills!

What a time to be alive!