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Kelly Clarkson: amazing

I was out for lunch the other day at Humpty’s here in Fort McMurray when Kelly Clarkson’s Catch My Breath came on. To this point I had vaguely enjoyed the song but it hadn’t really clicked with me. That was all about to change.

As I was enjoying the delightful pulled pork sandwich (and tater tots) that I had ordered the middle aged waitress across the partition started givin’er along with our Kelly. I cracked the biggest smile in that moment, it really was a perfect Kelly Clarkson moment. You see the thing about Kelly Clarkson is that she’s really the everywoman popstar: the people’s popstar if you will. As noted in Popjustice’s brilliant piece about Kelly’s even more brilliant Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You):

…being normal is Kelly’s thing just like being super-normal is Gaga’s thing, but it’s striking just how much of a breath of fresh air it is to see a pop superstar not attempting to be a breath of fresh air.

Kelly Clarkson’s music is equally at home with the middle aged waitress at Humpty’s and pumping through a room of gays throwing shapes ‘neath a glistening disco ball.

To conclude, Kelly Clarkson is amazing.