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OnePiece: onesie life

Not to brag but over Christmas I was given one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received. Actually, it was a brilliant collection of gifts that included a fabulous orange travel tea tumbler (yes I’m that person, I take it everywhere extolling the virtues of tea), a vinyl copy of the equally – if not more – fabulous be-zebra-ed recent musical outing from the Scissor Sisters: Magic Hour, and a onesie. It’s the kind of total knockout gift from which’s one two punch one finds it hard to recover.

And by that I mean it was totes amaze.

The onesie is an original OnePiece from Norway (and yes I am that person who says “it’s from Norway”). More specifically it’s a Lusekofte and it’s beyond amazing. Bringing comfort and style in droves I am rarely out of it around the house and have started wearing it on the odd excursion further afield. I wore it over Christmas to the movie theatre with my also be-OnePieced friends – and progenors (might not be a word but I’m going with it) of the gift – Jo and Trevor. I also wore it over to some friends for a recent house party and needless to say I was even more the centre of attention than my usual combination of wit and charm cause me to be.

It really is everything you could possibly want in a garment.

Unless you want easy access for a quick shit. Then perhaps not. But other than that I would say my OnePiece is ready for every social occasion. If you’re going somewhere you don’t think you could wear a onesie then you should probably rethink going there in the first place.

Basically what I’m saying here is that life is better in a OnePiece. End of.