Gary: angel

It’s Christmas-time readers! Apologies for not adding a little festive cheer to the blog this year but I’ve been busy of late in a new job.

Anyway, going back to December 1 we decorated the tree at my parents house and as is tradition every year I complained about the angel.  Our angel is a photo of my brother atop a paper body with a sparkly halo completing the look.  It is a craft he made in grade two and has thus been our tree-topper going on twenty years.  Needless to say I have never been completely on-board with my brother topping the tree year after year so I did some general moaning about the situation as I am wont to.  Then I went away for a week with work.

HARK! Upon my return, A Christmas Miracle!

My parents had made me the above angel.  I now sit proudly atop the tree, crown of glitter adorning my proud forehead.  Needless to say I was, and continue to be, well chuffed.

Happy Christmas indeed!