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Back when I was on the cusp of real adulthood – having just turned 20 – and really discovering my tastes and interests a girlband burst onto the scene that managed to harness everything I was looking for musically. That band was Girls Aloud. And that was back when I used to scan the British Top 40 for songs to pilfer from Limewire. Many things have changed in the intervening decade but one thing has remained unwavering:


From the moment the surf guitar riff opens Sound of the Underground you knew you had stumbled onto something special, but this was a reality tv band!? Could they sustain that kind of amazingness? THE ANSWER IS YES. With the release of followup single No Good Advice The Aloud allayed any fears that they were just a one hit wonder and went about tackling a chart largely dominated at the time by guitars.

For much of the time in the early years the Girls struggled, but I remained with them. They persevered despite the world largely ignoring the earth-shattering amazingness that was, and is, Biology. They stuck around doing dodgy dance routines on morning television as “serious music” became de rigueur on the charts.

What I am saying here is that their struggles were my struggles. More than any other group Girls Aloud are the soundtrack of my adulthood. They were with me through dodgy attempts at pulling, drunken walks home, days on the beach, road trips, job interviews, and everything inbetween.

That is has been ten years since Girls Aloud first formed is quite a shock actually. It seems both too long and so short. On the one hand, I can hardly remember a time that I didn’t turn to Some Kind of Miracle for a little pick-me-up or Biology when I want to get my clock-dance on. On the other hand, and perhaps moreso than my actual 30th birthday, Girls Aloud Ten has reminded me that my 20s are over. I am more officially than ever an adult.

Something else I think of when I get a little maudlin? The graceful swan that is Nadine Coyle and her imitable assortment of camera ready poses and facial pulls.

The 10 years of Girls Aloud is the decade in which I became a proper adult. We share initials, dance moves, and a whole lotta history.