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I was sitting around with my family the other day chatting about the upcoming reality tv spin-off Big Brother Canada. As a quick aside the topic also came up at work and my co-worker was telling me about a friend of hers who got a call-back only to be rejected because she said she wouldn’t have sex on camera. Amazing.

Anyway, so we were sitting around the other night having a discussion about the contestants on Big Brother and how my Mum, then brother, then Dad were all “far too nice” to be on such a show. When the conversation finally got around to me, however, everyone was quite excited to tell me how perfect I would be for it.

Needless to say I was gracious as always and rose above the whole thing rather than calling them all assholes and storming off in an indignant huff while grabbing a 6-pack of PBR from the fridge to drown my sorrows. Gracious is, after all, one of the top five words used to describe me.