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It’s no secret ’round these parts that I’m quite a big fan of Stooshe. Black Heart was essential summer listening and between the slick harmonies and myriad hair styles there’s been very little not to like to this point in their career trajectory.

Enter their latest single: a cover of seminal TLC hit Waterfalls.

First off, it’s a good cover. It feels a little straight-forward in that it’s exactly how Waterfalls should sound for 2012 but I suppose that they nailed it shouldn’t really be held against them. Really, it just feels the slightest bit lazy. Waterfalls was such a massive era-defining song that I’m not sure it needed to be covered. I’m also not sure they bring enough to the party to warrant it being a single. Album track fair enough, but this is the lead single for their new album. Perhaps there was some label panic that Stooshe are not exploding as much as was hoped and this is a bit of a kick in that direction? I can accept that. I like Stooshe and I want them to be big so if this is what it takes for the masses to appreciate the rest of their ouvre then I guess I can overlook it and just enjoy a pretty solid cover of a classic song. Also, a pretty enjoyable video with what appears to be a 90s era budget – HELLO PRODUCTION VALUES!

Not too much to pick at there (B+). I really don’t care that Chilli and T-Boz make an appearance but you can be sure the Credibility Police will be happy to see them. There is just something very likeable about Stooshe and I really do hope we see more from them. Judging by how much money is being thrown at this whole project I’m guessing they’ll be around for a while if Waterfalls makes a big enough splash (do you see what I did there?!?!).

While we’re on the subject of Waterfalls can we all take a moment to remember how massive that song was at the time? The video was a good for so many reasons including that it dealt with some pretty risque issues for the time and had some, at the time, majorly futuristic computer graphics. It’s a rare video than can be quite poignant and completely throw away at the same time.

To drill down even further while we’re on the subject of TLC, I was out for New Year’s Eve one year with some friends including Jo-Ann’s big sister Christine who came out with the now classic line: “When we used to roll, we used to roll to No Scrubs.”