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A few years ago when Solange Knowles was first trying to break out of her ever-so-slightly more famous sister’s shadow my friend Jo-Ann phoned me. “D’you know that Solanjay?” she asked me, trepidation apparent in her voice.

Cut to me still bringing it up every chance I get – not unlike the time her husband said he enjoyed “chipodalay” peppers; I’m a bitch, what can I say? – and chance I did get this weekend on my trip to Edmonton as the younger Ms. Knowles has a new song out. Not just a new song, but one of the best new songs of the year. As the inimitable Popjustice put it: “as if by magic, there it is: one of the singles of the year.” Even Nicola Fucking Roberts big upped Solange on her contribution to popular music.

Losing You is a tears on the dancefloor classic. IT LITERALLY DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN TEARS ON THE DANCEFLOOR. The beats are killer, the melody is melancholy and Solange has served us some breakup realness. Also, there’s the video.

Pretty great. Managing to please the hipsters in the crowd at the same time as being a pretty good time, it’s a bang on video style-wise. It’s got some odd but very enjoyable dancing, a great shot of some people getting into a van, and a sure-to-be-trending-soon leg up pose. Also there are some pretty sick outfits, my personal favourite being the orange-green suit combo with the pose at [1:19] turning Solange into a good imitation of Danger Mouse’s arch-nemesis Silas Greenback. Solid A-

Well-played Solange.