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I’m a little ashamed to record for posterity what I’m about to disclose but in the past four days (96 hours) I have listened to Misha B’s Do You Think Of Me 119 times.

One hundred and nineteen times.

In total that’s a little over seven and half hours of my life I have committed to Misha B in the last four days. That’s probably almost two hours of just yelling “SOMEBODY! EVERYBODY!” to myself, at least 15 minutes of wobble o’clock misty eye moments thinking of Misha’s longing to see her birth mother, and at least an hour and half wondering how a song of such obvious brilliance would go on to change the world as we know it.

After only four days Do You Think Of Me is now just outside my fifty most played songs of all time and firmly lodged in the #EPIC100. I was just thinking the other day that there are some songs in the #EPIC100 or #OVER50 (a playlist of songs that I have enjoyed more than 50 times) that got there from an initial burst of amazingness but ultimately being unable to sustain the kind of brilliance to keep them projecting upwards. Alternately some songs sneak in there by being the kind of song that fits on most of the playlists you enjoy. A true #EPIC100 song is one that has both, that initial burst of change-your-life-in-this-moment amazingness and long-lasting playability. Right now I’m feeling like Misha B is going to be one to top but I’m still in the honeymoon phase so we shall see.