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WARNING: Those with little tolerance for hyperbole may wish to stop reading here and simply enjoy the video attached below. Actually, those with a low hyperbole tolerance may want to click over to another site as without hyperbole I would literally be unable to communicate my intense personal opinions in an adequate way/

Anyway, ONWARD.

Those of you who know me know that I am a bit of a Misha B apologist. I have loved her unabashedly since she first belted out Adele in the the first live show of last year’s X Factor. I loved her even more the following week when she smashed Would I Lie To You which was for me far and away her best performance of the year and, as with many early stars, she was left with nowhere to develop – except personally apparently, after accusations of bullying.

It’s an interesting reality show quagmire that we as an audience really need to see someone develop in the course of a competition. It is my experience that people who enter at an already amazing level rarely win reality tv competitions rather those who come in at a pretty good level and develop to amazing are a seemingly far more intiguing storyline.

Anyway, back to Misha B who seems to be pulling off the impossible by turning into exactly the artist she sold us while performing on The X Factor. That might not seem a particular achievement but if you look at the history it really is. Many an artist find themselves being shaped while working their way through the many trials, tribulations, and ridiculous theme weeks that make The X Factor so amazing. Misha B was Misha B from day 1. Every performance she did glimpsed at what she would become as a popstar: fun, strong, different, urban, danceable. Misha B.

When you look at all the reality show greats I would argue one thing that defines most of them is that they built their brand as early as possible. Leona Lewis is still the wide-eyed girl with the powerhouse vocals, Kelly Clarkson is still the strong-willed vocal bombaster, Will Young is still the nice man with the heartbreaking voice, and One Direction are still the cheeky chappy boys with the dapper style. If you find your audience on a talent competition you should stick with it. Echoes of Matt Cardle trying to push his new “credible” self down our collective mouths is the most recent reminder of an X Factor star gone off the rails but there are many.

Sometimes even popstars you thought had so much talent at the beginning are simply skewed away from your demographic in a way that makes sense but is really not that rewarding. As Cher Lloyd progressed through The X Factor it became quite clear that they were skewing her younger and younger, and while I congratulate her – and everyone involved – on her success, she is not the popstar I wanted when she Turned Her Swag On at the auditions.

Enter Misha B. She is everything I want her to be. First releasing the great, but not world-shaking, Home Run and now following it up with a song so perfect that I have listened to it 50 times in the past 48 hours, Do You Think Of Me.

Not only is Do You Think Of Me a brilliant arms-in-the-air-tears-on-the-dancefloor pop stormer, it so perfectly follows up Home Run that I have been whipped into an anticipatory frenzy for Misha B’s forthcoming album. Both songs are made more amazing by the existence of the other and Misha B has stormed onto the pop scene with the kind of gusto other artists can only dream of.

Even the lyric video is great – and you know I have a tendency to despise lyric videos. Do You Think of Me really is the perfect song to ease us aurally from Summer to Autumn: heart-breaking lyrical content, propulsive beats, warm synths, and a GOSPEL CHOIR. Let me repeat, a GOSPEL CHOIR! That “somebody, everybody” bit really is brilliant and I’m imagining a gospel choir in a council estate or similar for the music video which had better be AMAHZING.