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As Summer draws to close and I sit in my office on this rainy Monday I am left contemplating a pretty spectacular summer as I listen to some banging summer tunes. Reflecting back I would say my aural summer started this year with the Eurovision Song Contest. On a wonderful night spent sniping at some and screaming for others Bobby, Ryan, and I endured the endless voting and even more endless plugs for Azerbaijan in the pursuit of Europe’s greatest song.

While perhaps not Ukraine’s most original piece of music – it’s basically When Loves Takes Over with trumpets – Gaitana really danced her way into our hearts with Be My Guest. Definitely the gayest number at this years contest, and that’s saying something indeed.

The sassy walk! The flower headband! The borderline tranny styling! Faux trumpeters! ALL AMAZING. Gaitana belted her way into my heart and was far and away my favourite on the night as well as for the summer that followed when I found Be My Guest a regular on my summer playlists. I love it.

Sidenote: “doing a Ukraine” shall now and forever be known as taking an already pretty great song and gaying up even more with some trumpets.

Another stand-out was eventual winner of the contest Loreen who wowed us all with her odd choice of dance moves which are best summed up by Youtube user jayyrr675:

I love this dance!
It’s so flowy and mysterious!

That it is jayyrr675.

This is obviously pretty brilliant but lacked the sheer over-the-top-ness that one would expect from Eurovision. (Eurovision is like the exclamation mark of music contests. MORE IS MORE!) Also, I think the song did not sound its best live. The recorded version is pretty brilliant but I’m not sure Loreen really gave it justice in the competition.

Either way she won so well done Sweden.

An important part of the Eurovision experience is the batshit crazy stuff that somehow manages to make it through to the final and such is the case with Suus performed by Albania’s Rona Nishliu. It’s basically a crazy woman screaming in a weird cape.

It came fifth out of twenty-five.

That being said I find the recorded version, and particularly it’s music video strangely intriguing. I’m also compelled to imagine what the Albanian Top 40 is like.

So there you have it. Eurovision! The gift that keeps on giving, all summer long.