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Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up. On days when I need a little giggle I google “Consider Melissa Leo” and marvel at the beauty of Melissa Leo’s – above posted – Oscar consideration ads. As well-noted by Michael K of dlisted Melissa took things into her own hands because she felt that she was being overlooked because of her age. The photos are amazing and I could enjoy them for hours.

The idea that this woman – who was far and away the front runner in the Best Supporting Actress category – thought that these images would in any way help her case amazes. I just can’t even look at them without feeling like I’m peering into her soul (and her tacky ass fur closet). There’s just so much here to love. And don’t be fooled by the styling of these photos; Melissa Leo did not win at the 1983 Oscars when her sartorial choices may still have been considered en vogue, she broke that fur out in 2011!

Thank you Melissa Leo for bringing a little sunshine to my day.