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An integral part of every summer playlist these days is the previous Winter’s X Factor output and this year is no different. Last Winter saw the emergence of quite possibly the most exciting act ever produced by Syco et al on The X Factor (UK), in the form of Little Mix. Four girls with the perfect balance of creativity, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. Cut to me last December as the clock struck tears o’clock with Little Mix triumphing over Marcus Collins – whose single Mercy</em> I’ve been quite enjoying but who I still find it hard to get excited about – and claiming their rightful position as the first group to take the X Factor mantle.

Seven months on and Wings found its way online and into my brain. Instant classic. Bubbly, thumpy, and beholding a message without sounding contrite. It’s the perfect first single for these four popstars with the world at their feet.

Shame the videos a bit shit. It’s overly edited in a way that belies that amount of personality that explodes out of this group. Irritating. The only real high point is Leigh-Anne being dressed as a pineapple. (Actually, so bad is that video that I actually PREFER the lyric video!) That being said the relative shitness of the video can’t take away from the song which is a corker. Hands claps(!), a chorus that lends itself to yelling along, and a marching outro all add the Wings’ undeniable brilliance. Well-played girls.

Last year’s third place contestant was Frankie Cocozza replacement Amelia Lily. For me Amelia’s voice was always strong I just found her quite grating. Not Katie Waissel annoying but irritating nonetheless. Then I heard she was working with makers of very above average music Xenomania and became rather excited. Needless to say the result is pretty great, but again the same can’t be said about the video.

It manages to be worse than the Little Mix one which is quite a feat. How many times have we seen this video? Terrible and lazy is what that is. Again though, the song perseveres and I’m loving it. It’s a bit Kelly Clarkson meets Girls Aloud for me and that’s a pretty positive comparison in my book.

My second favourite act in last year’s X Factor was Misha B. Between the look and that distinctive voice she had me from the word go with her frankly unbeatable cover of Rolling In The Deep. She made the critical reality show error of peaking too soon and having seemingly nothing to learn (because she was so amazing). Her Would I Lie To You remains the only X Factor track to have cracked my #EPIC100. Anyway, her first single Home Run finds Misha throwing some grime pop at us and it’s pretty fierce. The video is probably the best of the three, which is not to say that I like it but it’s not much of a competition with the above two disasters.

Pretty good but not great. It doesn’t really go anywhere, unlike the song in which the big build at the end is pretty great. Misha’s voice is a bit divisive so hopefully she finds her audience because I’d be very happy to hear more songs like this about.

Finally, and although their not from last year’s X Factor, I need to give a quick shout out to the 1D boys for their brilliant addition to my summer with One Thing. Catchy and fun with a video that is so designed to display their personality that it falls just on the right side of grating it is a perfect summer jam. And news today suggests they now have the biggest presale single of the digital age. A new boyband is well and truly born.