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Earlier this year I made a brief sojourn “across the pond” to my native land: England. Being as this was just prior to the Diamond Jubilee I found the country on the cusp of a veritable outburst of national pride with Union Jacks a-kimbo and Coronation Chicken sandwiches prepped for all and sundry. Needless to say it left me bunting mad and borderline obsessed with Millionaire’s Shortbread.

Sidenote: Why don’t we have millionaire’s shortbread? It’s just shortbread with chocolate and caramel on top! Canada has a lot of things figured out much better than the British (showers, for example, stand out in particular) but we really need to get to work on this shortbread business.

So my summer was filled with bunting madness between the Queen’s shindig my, rather more fabulous (sorry Liz), birthday celebration: Diamond Gbilee. This quickly flowed into the Olympics which were a bit like someone slapping you in the face with a Union Jack: BRILLIANT! The highlight, somewhat obviously, for myself and apparently the twitterverse was the Spice Girls throwing on some posh frocks and spicing up all our lives from atop some bedazzled hackney cabs.

Not only did they have the performance of the night, we forever have this gif of the girls getting down as Posh poses her little heart out.

Job well done girls.

It’s almost, but not quite, as good as this gif of my friend Cheryl crumping while eating a Filet-O-Fish. HIGH PRAISE AHOY!

In a final bit of British news, photos leaked yesterday of Prince Hot Ginge with his kit off in Vegas. (The World: “PHWOARRRR!”) Let’s be honest, the only thing that could make them any better – aside from a bit of royal side peen – would be a bit of bunting hung decoratively in the background.

I take that back, a naked PHG feeding me millionaire’s shortbread while the dulcet tones of the Spice Girls filled the air would be a pretty great moment however you break it down.

Life goals 2013, perhaps?