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So I woke up thismorning and was going about my usual morning routine when I almost spit out my Mini-Wheats reading about how Danny O’Donoghue, judge on ridiculous “gimmick-free” singing competition The Voice (UK), was banging on about “She’s got an amazing voice, but I couldn’t see her exciting 80,000 people for an hour and a half. There were people like that on the show, but they got voted off, and it’s quite hard.”


Then I spent the whole morning formulating a blog post to the effect of: “Do you not understand the concept of your show? After months going on on about how it was “all about the voice” and employing ridiculous – some might say “gimmicky” – spinning chairs in the search THE VOICE you realize it was a load of old shite because as was plainly obvious to begin with it takes more than a voice to be a popstar??!?”

Then I noticed – not for the first time – that Popjustice had pretty much summed up my opinion for me in a post called the Voice: officially pointless.