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So I’ve gotten a little behind in my posts this summer what with some excessive thirties-related birthday partying and my recent move but I aim to get thinks back on track. One area that I’ve a bunch of stuff ready to post is music. Specifically my summer jams… THIS IS MY JAM etc etc…
In aid of this I shall be uploading a series of posts about this songs that are lighting up my days and nights this summer. Yesterday I sort of unofficially started with the post about summer monster Let’s Have a Kiki but I’m officially kicking things off today and might culminate the whole thing in a digital mix tape of sorts featuring all the songs. We shall see. Either way, today’s post is about Stooshe.

Stooshe is a London based girl group that recently came to my attention with some classic summer soul in the form of Black Heart (video below). The look is a bit left of centre but the music is pretty straight-forward soul-tinged pop and I think we can all agree that when done well that’s a pretty good genre to get stuck into. Black Heart follows Love Me (originally F*ck Me) so I would say I’m relatively hopeful of good things to come from Stooshe.

Two points of interest:

1. I love the bang the wall style dance move featured at [1:08] and hope to integrate it into my dancefloor repertoire.

2. When the girls sing “I love him like mad” in the chorus I once accidentally sang “I love him like that” when Trevor was visiting and it drove him so insane that not only do I sing it that way every time but I imagine his rage growing even in my absence. It please my greatly.