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Another vocabulary post today readers; another portmanteau in fact.

I feel like everyone has one of those friends who finds a way to work their way into every argument or disagreement within your group. This person is oft the source of “miscommunication” and almost always jumps to conclusions and fighting-ready words.

This person is a drampire.

A drampire feeds on drama. Not in a casual, borderline ironic way, like when you’re watching The Real World, but in a pot-stirring, crazed Facebook message kind of way.

You know when you hear about a problem or a fight and your mind instantly knows whose at the root of it, whether or not that person is actually mentioned in the initial brief? That person is a drampire. Wily and self-preserving, the term two-faced doesn’t even begin to encompass the many different fronts a drampire embodies in their creation and exploitation of the dramz.

Drampires are afoot.