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Hello again readers. After a not so brief absence I am back again to fill your world with the fantastically banal – often moderately humiliating – world of my own. After a bit of a split second life decision I have found myself relocated to the home of Canada’s Economic Engine (TM). That’s right friends. I am now located in the bitumen heartland of Fort McMurray. As an interesting – or not – aside people here never shorten the town’s name to Fort Mac as is so often done from without, in fact to do so is rather gauche and instantly renders the source of such phrase as an outsider. I have rather quickly – and thankfully without incident – learned that the proper term is McMurray.

I shall be blogging for your pleasure from McMurray for the foreseeable future. I am currently homesharing with a lovely older couple with whom I share house duties and al fresco dinners. (Read: I’m living with my parents. Today my Dad and I tucked our pants into our socks and foamed out a wasp nest that we found at the back of the house. Also, they make me food which we eat on the back patio.) Anyway, so far so good except that it’s been absurdly hot and forest fires further north have rendered the skies smoke-filled and a little stinky.

In other news boldfaced now has a domain befitting its grandeur and obvious greatness: boldfaced.ca

Make a note, bitches.

Gary out.

[Please note this image is for dramatic effect. I do not own or operate ok.ca and therefore I do not recommend you go there. I am merely referencing Alexandra Burke’s brilliant and ridiculous turn as an X Factor judge. ok.com.]