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Well friends, Blapril has come to a close and from my perspective was a smashing success; it really did reignite my passion for blogging. That being said I’m heading on vacation tomorrow for three weeks so you’re unlikely to see much, if any, activity here for that period. However, while I may not be posting every day, when I get back I will indeed be posting with a lot more regularity. My goal for June is a post every 2 days. We’ll see how I fare with that.

Also – in keeping you abreast news – after a week of fleeting glances and the odd wave through paned glass my flirtee came into the store yesterday and gave me his number. SUCCESS!

So not only was I definitely flirting, and being flirted with, I was flirting successfully enough that a man made up an excuse to come and give me his number. Am starting to imagine myself some sort of flirting-savant, roaming the world attracting strangers like moths to my – it must be said rather vibrant – flame.

Although the thought did occur to me that perhaps in not knowing when I’m flirting I’m actually flirting with everyone, all the time. And this thought leads, somewhat catastrophically, to thinking that if I’m always flirting surely whole swaths of men should be handing me their digits in the hope that I can spare some time for them rather than just one.

These kind of thoughts are what I would describe as not helpful.

Also, I’m not really that worried about it. I’m just delighted to have been successfully flirting with a single member of the same sex. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute. Such is life.

Gary out.