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So yesterday I was talking about how amazing Unique was on Glee. To recap: significantly amazing. Interesting though was that the episode had a HUGE plot hole but still managed to be amazing.

So Wade was supposed to be an outcast who the Vocal Adrenaline coach dismissed as a poor member of the high energy team. Yet somehow at sectionals – SECTIONALS(!) – there managed to be a full number choreographed around Wade, as Unique, as the main vocalist.

That’s the thing about plot holes; if the moment is amazing you can kinda overlook them, such as in this case. If they’re anything less than amazing the plot hole is obvious and disastrous and completely distracting (I can’t think of a good example here, if you’ve got something please mention it in the comments).

Finally, I know I reused the same image from yesterday in this post but let’s be honest, THAT GIF IS AMAZING so I’m going with it. Such is life.