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I have a confession to make. I’m a bit obsessed with making playlists. There’s nary an occasions for which I can’t spend a serious amount of time creating the perfect playlist. For my upcoming sojourn to Europe, for example, I am currently working on myriad playlists including, BEACH (relax), BEACH (party), AEROPLANE and TRAVEL. I strongly believe that a great playlist can make or break a moment. My aeroplane playlist, for example, contains songs that are positive and a bit uplifting – as nobody wants to be depressed on a ten hour flight – but are carefully selected not to be too upbeat, as anything with a high BPM might encourage me to dance thereby making me feel fidgety and trapped. Careful planning, indeed.

Even something as simple as a night in with friends needs a playlist based on whether the night will be spent at home or is the precursor to going out, and also depends on the attendants. I’m devoted to playlisting the way others are to religion. I just can’t trust iTunes Genius to make a truly genius playlist. I mean, yes, the songs are related to and might often be played together but genius can never truly capture the feeling I want to capture with each playlist. For the TRAVEL playlist for example, I imagine walking through an airport with sunglasses on listening to each song. This might not be a thing that actually happens, but that is the feeling I want to capture for myself as I listen to it. I also have a playlist for when it’s windy out; in creating that I imagined my hair flowing wildly in the wind while walking up the street. While everyone knows I love to good walk I’m not sure I’ve ever had enough hair to be described as flowing, and definitely not wildly. Again though, not the point, the point is that how I want to feel in that moment and that’s when you know you’ve got a truly great playlist. Also Girls Aloud.

On a bit of a sidenote I have a playlist of my top 100 played songs, which has come to be know as the #EPIC100, and least played song now sits at 85 plays. That means there are 100 songs I’ve listened to more than 85 times! Frankly that seems like a lot even to me. Interestingly, Alphabeat and Pet Shop Boys are the only male vocalists in the lot. Oh, and Boy George as a part of Mark Ronson’s Business International. Popjustice where obviously laying down some #TRUTH when they noted that the best pop songs are always sung by women. Well-played as usual Popjustice.