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I can’t decide whether or not I’m good at flirting. I think I’m actually rather good at it, when I know I’m doing it. You see the thing is I am chatty and enjoy engaging with others and this is generally what flirting entails, maybe with a little extra eye contact thrown in for good measure. So other than a bit of eye-fucking, how do you know if you are flirting?

I met a man at work the other day and we had rather a lot of eye contact followed by a brief but engaging conversation. He kept smiling at me and looking – I would say quite deeply – into my eyes. Then I ran into him as I left the store and we chatted some more on the way up the block, again with lots of smiling and eye contact. When I departed – without asking for his number or booking a date, totally my bad: I was very tired – I mentioned I would hopefully see him during the week to which he replied “yes, I hope so.”

Slam dunk, right? My thought is he is either scouting me for a cult or is interested more than smiling and chatting with me. Which would imply my flirting skills are pretty good but I could do with some work on closing. Perhaps that is where I need to focus my attention?

I will keep you abreast as this story develops.