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So the other day I mentioned that Scissor Sisters are back with a new album and single that continue their streak of amazingness. Unsurprisingly they have released a pretty brilliant video for said single: Only The Horses.

It’s a bit esoteric and kind of slow but in the same way that Robyn completely pulls of the ridiculousness of the frankly life-changing Call Your Girlfriend, so do Scissor Sisters with this. What’s brilliant about it is that it’s almost the antithesis of the songs driving rhythm but is somehow totally captivating at the same time. You wait almost three and half minutes for a glimpse of the Scissor Sisters only to be rewarded with some fierce, albeit brief, sitting poses. Oh and Ana Matronic is doing some serious smizing going on.

Sometimes music videos are better than they seem at first glance and this is the case here. It’s the perfect video for a big screen in a club, without actually being about “the club.” It’s something different not only in that it’s not club-based but also that it’s slow motion with very few of the manic edits that seem to have only increased in popularity over the years.

Well-played Scissor Sisters.