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I should note from the fore that this is a post that has sat in the recesses of my brain awhile so is perhaps not the freshest of pop culture insight but is insight nonetheless.

Now you all remember Shania Twain and her all-conquering string of 90s hits. She was MASSIVE. Like properly worldwide huge. You literally could not escape her dulcet tones for a significant period of time. As often occurs with such massive success, Shania rather quickly became demodé and the world of pop (and country) music moved on to edgier pastures. This is not to say that Ms. Twain didn’t have some properly amazing songs, just that it was no longer in the fashion to admit liking them.

Enter Lady Gaga’s You and I: a Shania Twain song in every respect except that it’s by Lady Gaga. It’s produced by Twain’s adulterer/musical genius ex-husband, the weirdly media shy Mutt Lange, and features the kind of massive riffs and up-lifting chorus out of which Shania Twain built a record-breaking career. Suddenly, you’re wondering why you ever stopped enjoying Love Gets Me Every Time, Don’t Be Stupid, or Any Man Of Mine and the only answer is that it became really uncool. Just as the presence of sun-dried tomatoes suddenly marked a restaurant as completely out of touch a few years ago, so did listening to Shania Twain in an unironic way.


Let’s appreciate the pop genius of Come On Over and it’s ELEVEN HIT SINGLES, the subtle twang of No One Needs to Know and even a song like Up!, when it had all started to go a bit off the rails but there were still a few gems such as this to be enjoyed.