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You may remember me banging on quite a while ago about how Robyn is a popstar who rarely – if ever – gets it wrong. While not quite Robyn, Scissor Sisters are another band who just get the art of being popstars. Just look at the above album artwork and tell me it’s not pitch perfect. Let’s be honest: it’s fucking brilliant.

And their first single – see below, EVEN THE LYRIC VIDEO IS GOOD! – is a Calvin Harris stormer that is timely without sounding desperate. It sounds at once classic Scissor Sisters and on the cusp of popular culture. Well-played Scissor Sisters.

I went to see Scissor Sisters with my friend Taya at an outdoor concert in Stanley Park a year or two ago. It pissed it down the entire night but it was brilliant. We were the only people who had thought to bring glow sticks and we danced our hearts out in the rain, our bodies aglow as the Sisters appeared in various degrees of undress onstage. A truly brilliant concert experience fitting of an epic band that gets nowhere near enough credit, especially this side of the Atlantic.