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You may have noticed last year that kale went from being roundly ignored by anyone but the French to being the ingredient du jour everywhere from farmer’s markets to high end bistros. Not to brag but I was on the cutting edge of kale: I vividly remember my group of friends being genuinely bemused that kale had suddenly become en vogue. To be frank I quickly tired of all the kale-based conversations but nonetheless I do love a good bit of kale. It is delightful and nutritious and often very reasonably priced.

I have decided that rhubarb needs to “do a kale” and become this years fashionable food item.

Like kale rhubarb is delicious and grows in abundance with great ease. Rhubarb has gone out of vogue for reasons unknown but having a conversation at work the other day we discovered that a few of our co-workers DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT RHUBARB IS?!? I seem to remember the same being said about kale a few years ago and look at kale’s notoriety now! It really is the Brangelina of vegetables. This is where rhubarb needs to be.

I want to see rhubarb martinis, rhubarb in salads, rhubarb in stir fries, and – somewhat obviously – rhubarb pies. None of that strawberry rhubarb rubbish: I want a whole pie with just rhubarb! Tonnes of it. Rhubarb really is delightfully tart and fresh-tasting. I will perhaps have to get on the phone to a few celeb chefs and have it mentioned a little more, and maybe have Oprah do it as one of her “favourite things” if she still does that. Imagine: “RHUUUUBBAARRRBBBB!!!!” followed by an audience of hysterical women screaming over one another for a few stalks of rhubarb. Priceless.