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Longtime readers may recall me sounding the alarm about the shockingly swift transition of the world’s muffin supply into so-called tulip wrappers. What then seemed a sinister move from a massive multinational into the lucrative world of muffin-wrapping now appears to be little more than a food-based folly on a massive scale.

In describing it’s new muffins Starbucks notes that they feature “a generous muffin top” which – aside from being hysterical – is exactly how the muffins used to look. Clearly the tulip was a big fat fail if key muffin outlets such as Starbucks are making a relatively hasty retreat from the previously hallowed shores of not-so-uniquely wrapped baked goods. Either that or Omnimuffin was hoping that once it gained complete market control it could jack up its price – assuming no one would want to be the odd man out on the muffin-wrapping front – and Starbucks just told them to stuff it. Perhaps more investigation is in order to see if the tulip has begun to disappear at other retailers.