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I was out and about today with my friends Ryan and Bobby. We took many ridiculous pictures such as the one above and a set at a fountain. In my younger days I might have been too worried about what people thought of me to so freely make a bit of a fool of myself in public.

I no longer care.

I think it is a hallmark of maturing that you stop caring what people think of you to certain extent. I’m not saying that manors and politeness are any less important as I age – perhaps the opposite, in fact – just that I’m no longer worried about fitting in to some peer group’s version of what my life should be, or look like. I am – and have been for many years now – comfortable enough with myself in most situations not to worry that people are judging me. To be frank they can go ahead and judge me all they want, they are probably not people that I would want to spend time with anyway.

This relates to naked old people because I always used to wonder why nude beaches were full of old people. The answer now seems apparent: because old people are unencumbered by the judgements of others. They have lived in their bodies and with their minds for so long that they just don’t give a fuck what anybody else thinks of their nudity. While I’m not quite ready to put it all out there yet, I say bravo old people, bravo.

In conclusion: LOVE YOUSELF!