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After lacklustre first single Give Me All Your Luvin Madonna has thankfully course corrected and delivered a much more suitable followup. Gone is the ridiculous “love me” smiling desperate-face of the Give Me All Your Luvin video and Super Bowl performance and we’re back to a bit of steely determination face. Classic Madge.

It’s a bit of a Madonna-doing-Gaga-doing-Madonna affair and frankly the best video she’s put her name to since the original American Life video that she scrapped in a fit of post-9/11 “patriotism.” Nearly naked dancers in heels – as Bobby pointed out below, very on trend – with Madonna herself largely covered up seems a pretty safe recipe for future success if she’s asking. The song itself is pretty good but not great: it’s quite catchy without being world-changing.

It’s a bit of a return to form single-wise after the demographic chasing disappointment that was Hard Candy which didn’t really bring her back to the American audience in the way she was clearly hoping. Saying it’s a return to form is a bit misleading though because Madonna’s a bit like that girl you know who changes her personality depending on what dude she happens to be dating, or that dude you know who’s a totally different person depending on what company he’s in.

For me, and I presume most of the gays, dance Madonna is the true Madonna. She’s fierce, she’s unapologetic and she’s at the very least on trend, if not a little ahead of it. But saying that’s the real Madonna is a bit like saying you wish that friend I was mentioning would stop being this other person and just be themself. You see what you’re really saying is that you just want them to be the version that you like the most because you don’t really know if they’re being another version of themself for you also.

That all got a bit convoluted and realistically all I really want is for Madonna to make more dance music that doesn’t feel like a desperate attempt to reach “the youth.” End of.