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I was at dinner the other day with my friend Galwin and we were discussing our love for Savage Love, the weekly advice column by Dan Savage. It really is a great column and Mr. Savage doles out some serious #TRUTH week in week out hitting the nail on the head almost without fail. Seemingly a one man zeitgeist machine Dan Savage has also helped change the meaning of Santorum, championed the term – and acceptance of the associated lifestyle – monogamish, and created the frankly inspired It Gets Better Project. That being said he was a touch boring on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Anyway, the main topic of conversation between Galwin and myself was how to read the column without appearing to be in search of a sex worker. You see Savage Love is always buried in the back of the paper with the various sex trade ads that might not be an issue in the privacy of one’s home but are not always the most appropriate in public or work spaces.

The key here is all in the folding.

As you can see from below you must first fold the paper across the main crease, and then fold it further in half. Another key here is a solid surface on which to place the paper. Galwin’s main problem was that he was often reading it holding the paper in hand, which isn’t possible without flashing an ad for “Candi Starr” or similar. With the proper folding and a surface on which to place the paper, however, you can enjoy Savage Love without bothersome strangers thinking your mulling over a sex worker in public. Everybody wins.

Oh, and while I’m doling out free advice: when urinating in public choose one of the three sides of the building that do not employ 24hr floodlighting.