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Continuing on from yesterday another video that Ryan, Bobby, and I rather enjoy watching and dancing along to is the mash-up of Adele’s Rumour Has It and Someone Like You from Glee. It is easily the performance on the year from Glee which has been a bit hit and miss musically this season. Not so here with The Troubletones firing on all cylinders giving us both sickening vocals and some emotional realness.

So one night Ryan and I were properly giving it to this video: shoulder pops, head tilts, pigeon strutting, the works. Needless to say we had been drinking, also that it was amazing. Toward the end we lined up Santana and Mercedes styles only to realize that we had an audience! A group of people celebrating the end of a long moving day – for they had replaced the awful, and heretofore unmentioned, balcony-as-storage-room people – had been watching our entire routine!

They were actually delightful and after a brief bout of stage fright for yours truly – from which Ryan, ever the performer it seems, did not suffer – we held our drinks aloft to them and cheersed across the chasm that is downtown life. We may never meet them face to face but we made some new friends that night.