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Yesterday I mentioned that Ryan, Bobby and I love to watch the classic clip of Girls Aloud “performing” The Promise on The X Factor and recreating the dance routine in all its camp glory. Another of our – and in particular Bobby’s – favourite pastimes at their apartment is spying on the neighbours. There are a few regular players to be watched including fighting couple – who had quite the epic barney one night I was at Ryan and Bobby’s over what appeared to be a large Tiffany box, – boring gay reading couple – SO BORING – and naked girl.

Naked girl is clearly the most interesting of these and can often be found at or near her computer totally naked – not to be confused with computer girl who is clothed and completely uninteresting. Naked girl always leaves the blinds open – unlike some of the other frankly selfish neighbours – and occasionally welcomes naked boy to her house for full on blinds wide open sex. Fascinating. We have spent many an evening in total darkness – so they can’t see us – dissecting the lives of others in the building opposite.

Anyway, a while ago I was over at my friend Ryan’s gaying it up with Ryan and Emanuel and we were talking about their recent night out at Numbers, the self described “cruisy dance bar.” Turns out Ryan and Emanual had stumbled into a conversation about Stonewall with some older gays that led us to some giggling and belting out “STONEWALL!” Oprah styles as we knocked back a few drinks.

No sooner was I comfortably perched on a bar stool a few PBRs the wiser that Ryan sirened “NAKED BOY! NAKED BOY! GET THE LIGHTS!” and we all scurried to the window drinks in hand. Just as we settled to see some actual sitting-in-the-dark-looking-across-the-alley nudity Emanuel blared out:


We fought for this, indeed. I’m not sure that sitting in the dark spying on naked straight men actually counts a progress but it was a bloody brilliant night.