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Sad news pop music video fans. Just as The Saturdays seemed to have turned a corner and be releasing properly amazing pop songs accompanied by properly amazing pop videos they’ve betrayed us by foisted this abortion on the video watching masses:

It’s almost bad enough to encourage watching the insufferable “lyric video” – WHY IS THIS A THING NOW?! – instead.

Let’s break this down. The song: unquestionably amazing and a logical extension of the music on their recent album On Your Radar. Brilliant in that it is a song for dancing that doesn’t keep banging on about “the club.” It’s almost refreshing these days to hear a danceable song that is about neither “the club” or dancing, and loving, and dancing (again).

The less said about the video the better. Not only is it completely incongruous with the song itself, its also absolute shit. It could be described as “hot girls go to a diner.” Oh, and there’s speed dating?!?!? It really is bad. If they’re really trying to look like Britain’s pre-eminent girl group it’s going to take a lot more than this.

Also, Sophie Ellis-Bextor did a speed dating video to cheesy perfection already.

That’s how you do it, girls. Although to be fair, very few popstars carry off anything with the panache of Ms. Ellis-Bextor.