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There so many amazing things about living in Vancouver. Being honest, on a beautiful day like today I am led to distraction wondering why anyone would not want live here. One of the many amazing things about this city is the food. Forged from a combination of myriad cultures in a small space and an extraordinary amount of competition food in Vancouver is both amazing and ridiculously cheap.

Particularly sushi. Vancouver has legendary sushi. The above assortment cost me eight dollars. EIGHT DOLLARS. FOR AMAZING SUSHI! That’s 1 asparagus roll, 1 spicy tuna roll, and 2 tuna nigiri. Let me tell you my bouche was well amused!

The asparagus roll was new to me but I feel like I was in Escape To Witch Mountain and we were distant soul mates destined to find eachother. It made my life and I will definitely be going back for more.

Sometimes I find it hard to resist the urge to eat out at every meal. When it’s that inexpensive it becomes very hard to abstain. I totally understand how people who have money would rarely cook a meal when such delicious, fresh, reasonably-priced option are literally on there doorstep. I can see my neighbourhood sushi place – and I say neighbourhood, but there so many sushi places within a two block radius that it’s absurd, Yamato is just the best/cheapest option close at hand – from my apartment window. It literally takes more time to make my order than it does for me to get there. Amazing.

Well-played Vancouver.