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Well it’s day five of Blapril and it was looking like summer where I am today. The sun was shining and it was even warm enough for me to wear shorts. Although in all honesty the shorts were 50% laundry crisis, 50% weather if I’m being honest as my friend Muriel spilled a hot chocolate all over my everyday jeans and I didn’t feel like wearing my Cher Lloyd Primark jeans to Ikea today.

Anyway, the other reason it felt like summer is that a new Dragonette single has found its way online and is predictably AMAHZING! It is literally aural sunshine! I know I’ve said this before but HOW ARE DRAGONETTE NOT MASSIVE!?!?! Hopefully after “Hello” last year – to recap: Amazing on a global scale but more a Martin Solveig thing than a Dragonette one – they will finally break into the big time. If this single is anything to go by they are set to explode this summer.

Dragonette are amazing. End of.