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Do you ever see a movie trailer and the speech is so stirring it wills you to see the film? I’ll be honest, this is not an everyday feeling – it’s not like hunger or disdain – but I would say it is distinct. There are movie’s I have seen entirely due to a rousing speech featured in the trailer.

Case in Point #1: Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Specifically [0:48-1:02]

AMAZING, right? That whole “I TOO HAVE A HURRICANE” bit is just brilliant. Let’s be honest here, Cate Blanchett is generally pretty amazing but this really outdoes itself. That being said, best part of the film? Right there. This is it. Ditto the next example.

Case in Point #2: Cold Mountain. Specifically [1:44-2:01]

IT’S RAININ! I love this. I often say it when it is raining. People rarely get it. But again, you spend the whole film waiting for that one line and rest frankly goes on a bit.

The lesson I have gleaned here is to suppress my natural instinct to rush out and see films with rousing speeches in their trailer. They often disappoint.

Also, we may never see a film moment to rival Renee Zellweger’s “It’s rainin.”