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As many of you are no doubt aware I am a huge fan of the UK X Factor and this year was no different. Actually it was different because the act I was rooting for actually won, unlike last year’s unfortunate win for growing grass enthusiast Matt Cardle. Little Mix are properly amazing and currently have the pop music world at their feet, but last Christmas as they had just won and I was sitting crying on the couch surrounded by X Factor friends new and old – each with tears moistening their cheeks – we couldn’t help but agree that their judge was a huge part of Little Mix’s story. Tulisa is nothing short of the most involved judge The X Factor has ever seen.

Anyone sat next to Kelly Rowland would frankly seem a delight but Tulisa’s mix of excitement, determination, and old-fashioned hard work made her a tv judge of a different kind. Cheryl’s niceties and Dannii’s brilliantly deranged feedback ring hollow after witnessing the single-minded focus of a woman truly invested in the acts before her. It’s no small feat to win over a nation from a judges chair – as Kelly Rowland will tell you – and Tulisa managed it with aplomb. I only need to watch the above clip from the X Factor finale to be filled with the same warmth and excitement as that cold December night when Little Mix were finally crowned the victors.

Then she released this:

Let’s leave aside the recent sex tape scandal and focus on the evidence at hand. A brilliant song ladened down with a video that not only adds nothing but actively makes me dislike one Ms. Contostavlos. Total fail.

First of all, the behaviour featured in the video is not that of the young, it is that of assholes, and not everyone who is young is an asshole. For me this is a total anathema to the woman who championed hard work and determination to her X Factor mentees. It transforms a song that could be about youthful simple-mindedness into one forgiving myriad transgressions by a bunch of assholes. Oh, I just shat on your lawn? I’M YOUNG! I ate you pet poodle? I’M YOUNG! Looting and rioting? I’M YOUNG!

I do not appreciate this.

The song is bloody amazing though.