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Well hello adoring blog readers and welcome to April, or as I am portmanteauing it Blapril. You see in an effort to fan the flames of the creative fire within me – the very fire from which this blog initially began – I shall be attempting to post every day in April – pardon me, Blapril.

My first post today is about a rather embarrassing incident that occurred to me this very evening in West Vancouver. After a delightful trip to Pinkberry for a frozen yoghurt – medium regular yoghurt with pineapple and yoghurt chips, delicious – Cheryl, Muriel and I ventured to the Extra Foods located in, the rather shabby despite its upmarket branding, Park Royal Centre. It was 8pm and as the rest of the mall was long closed the Extra Foods was a bit of a ghost town with only the odd shopper about to distract us.

While wandering around the meat section by myself I began singing along to London Beat’s “I’ve Been Thinking About You” which was quietly playing on the PA system. As I was wandering along the top of the aisles emboldened by the emptiness of the store I got rather into it only to accidentally boom out “SHA-BOW-BOW” as an older Asian gentlemen reached the end of his aisle.

Think about that for a second. Just as he finished with the juices and salty snacks aisle I wandered by practically yelling “SHA-BOW-BOW” in his direction. I sha-bow-bowed a stranger. I can only hope he assumed it’s an up and coming meme like rick-rolling or similar that he had the good fortune to be a part of at the ground level. Perhaps he is now at this very moment sha-bow-bowing his friends and neighbours in West Vancouver. One can only hope.