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As you may or may not be aware The Saturdays are a British girl group that have been around since the relatively pop-barren times of 2007. They have historically been a bit shit.

All that began to change last year however with the release of banging summer hit – and Popjustice 20 Quid Music Prize winning – single, Higher (dodgy choreography alert).

Being honest I’ve never really liked The Saturdays. There’s something not particularly endearing about them. Despite never being massive they’ve never really captured that underdog spirit that the Spice Girls somehow managed to continue harnessing despite conquering the aural world. It feels a bit like some hot girls got together and formed a band. That doesn’t really make any sense but nonetheless there’s something unspontaneous about The Saturdays and it’s not just that they’re manufactured, they just don’t seem to have been able to get past that feeling-wise.

Or maybe “it’s all about the music” as Emma Bunton once said.

Baby has a point. As much as I’m loath to admit it The Saturdays have been winning me over with their nonstop pop onslaught of amazing. They followed up Higher with the listenable, if not completely amazing, Notorious and then they really kicked things into high gear with the completely and unarguably amazing Xenomania produced All Fired Up.

At this point I was all “OK ladies, you’ve got my attention, where can you take it from here?”

But take me they did, to the snow-dappled shores of a Northern plain and the ballad-o-clock stormer that is My Heart Takes Over.

This song/video combo is as inspired as the last taking The Saturdays effortlessly from summer stomper to winter power ballad. Although I do feel a bit bad for Rochelle, clearly getting stuck with the worst solo backdrop in which to warble her bits of the song.

I have decided that my favourite Saturday is Vanessa who gets all the best bits vocally, followed by Frankie who has the best hair and the most fierce posing skills. My least favourite is Una who clearly thinks she is the star of the group what with all the excessive use of seriousface and group-differentiated poses. The other two I like but don’t love. Such is the normal order of things.

The latest news from Saturdayland is that the girls have been signed to a reality show on E! and will be trying to crack America in the coming year, which perhaps explains the huge amount of money clearly being poured into this album campaign (for the fantastically named On Your Radar). While it seems strange to me that The Saturdays should be the next big British girl band (TM Louis Walsh) to make it big Stateside and not Girls Aloud, I guess that’s what you get for going on indefinite hiatus.