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Having recently returned from a massive sojourn across Europe you might expect my first post back to about the conviviality of the Scottish people or the cheapness of beer in Portugal. You might even expect a post about the recent riots here in Vancouver and the subsequent heartwarming cleanup effort.

On all counts you would be wrong. I am nothing if not addicted to popular culture like a mainline heroine addict.

Find me a vein y’all because some serious pop culture exploded last week! It did so in the form of three new music videos from pop royalty: Nicola Roberts (amazing), Lady Gaga (amazing), and Robyn (amazing). However only two of them are any good and the Gaga video is frankly utter shite. Let’s have a look shall we?

1. Nicola Roberts “Beat of my Drum”

Click here to view.

The arrival of Nicola Roberts as a bona fide solo star has in no way disappointed! This video is killer! The off-kilter backup dancers! Nicola’s outfits! The hair flip! The side-ponytail! PERFECTION! This really is a note-perfect video, having that indescribable kernel of affect, you want to watch it again and again. A-

2. Lady Gaga “Edge of Glory”

This really is an abortion of a video. Such a fantastic song wasted. Lady Gaga is a woman with the resources to simply reshoot a video if there are problems (as was reported) and yet she has allowed this monstrosity into the world. FOR SHAME. I’m all for a more simple video but this plain sucks. Edge of Glory is such a euphoric song but this video GOES NOWHERE. F

3. Robyn “Call Your Girlfriend”

The reigning queen of pop perfection has done it again as the zeitgeist seems to just keep on flowing from her bleach blonde bowl cut. Basically this is just Robyn dancing around a warehouse with some light effects and somehow Ms. Carlsson manages to make that not just watchable but captivating. It doesn’t hurt that the song is ridiculously good either. That she is not the most massive thing on the planet is complete nonsense. A-

More on my trip later, including coming out to my Nanna to which she did not make this face: