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As the sun sets on the week ending May 15, 2011 one can’t help but contemplate what has turned out to be an absolutely massive week for pop music. There are rare occasions in popular culture when things just sort of hit a nexus point and you can sense something special in the air. We have just experienced such an occurrence. Two major events unfolded in the world of pop music this week that look to have significant ongoing repercussions.

The first of these 2 events is the official unveiling of Nicola Roberts as a solo star. You may remember Nicola Roberts as my favourite member of Girls Aloud. She’s the sour-faced pop princess with the ginger barnet and looks set to take the world by storm if new single Beat Of My Drum is anything to go by:

She has a new website, twitter, and ridiculously good artwork in the wings for her debut single (see below). I really do have high hopes attached to Ms. Roberts and while the odd Cheryl Cole track is a bit of stormer – one cannot deny the genius of Fight For This Love – she will always go for the biggest audience first and you really get the sense with Nicola that the music trumps any target demographic. Amazing.

The other piece of priority pop news this week is the arrival of Lady Gaga’s best ever song: The Edge of Glory. Words cannot accurately describe the amazingness of Gaga’s latest masterpiece and while I’m not always her biggest fan one cannot deny the musical legacy Gaga has created in a few short years. The Edge of Glory bests it all, even Bad Romance (gasp!). It is the perfect marriage of bleary-eyed sad dance, inspirational feel good 90s, and pumping, driving, RedOne synths. In a word: AMAZING.

In a strange confluence of these two events – and perhaps to acknowledge this epic week in pop history- Nicola Roberts interviewed Lady Gaga yesterday for MTV UK. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Also, here’s a picture of them together. Nice.