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It’s an interesting aspect of modern life that we all draw points of reference from an ever-expanding and niche-positioned media universe. Where once all of America hung of every word that passed Walter Kronkite’s lips our sources of information are now so diverse as to occasionally leave a person feeling a bit at odds with their surroundings.

Case in point two of my frequent verbal tics:

Case one: “THURSDAY!”

As many of you are no doubt aware I am a huge fan of seminal BBC television programme Absolutely Fabulous. Due to said fandom I find myself unable to stifle my predilection to repeating the word “THURSDAY!” as if modelling for an invisible camera whenever that particular day is brought up in conversation, especially at work. Thus whenever someone so much as mentions the word Thursday I’m of in my own world pursing my lips and posing as if being photographed by Mario Testino or similar.

This all stems from a scene in Absolutely Fabulous in which Patsy has a flashback to her modelling days when a photographer simply yells “Say Thursday Patsy!” and she effortlessly turns to the camera and in her crisp RP accent effuses “THURSDAY!” Cut to current day Patsy now voguing as she reminisces “THURSDAY!” to a kitchen brimming with disinterest. This is amazing and I am unable not to relive it each time Thursday is mentioned in conversation.

Case two: “SHUT UP!”

The tenth season of Big Brother UK featured an often histrionic Brazilian named Rodrigo Lopes. This fiery Latin got his fire particularly high when anyone would dare tell him to shut up (despite the fact that he threw the phrase around like side-eye in a drag show). Anyway, when someone (usually the insufferable Charlie) did tell him to shut up he would respond with something along the lines of “Shut up? SHUT UP? Don’t you tell me to shut up! YOU SHUT UP!” all delivered in a rather fetching Brazilian accent.

It was hysterical and I find myself repeating it not only when I hear “Shut up” but also often when there is an alarm or timer going off in my presence. This makes me look a little crazy as I can often be found at work saying “Don’t you tell me to shut up, YOU SHUT UP!” to inanimate objects that are merely beeping at me. Oh dear.

To wrap this whole thing in a nice pink bow my point here is that if others were simply more aware of my points of reference (Absolutely Fabulous, Big Brother UK, etc) I would look a lot less crazy.

Or perhaps not, who knows?