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Those of you who know me know that I am a huge fan of the Spice Girls. Those of you who know me well may know that during the Girl Power hay day of the late 90s – those halcyon days – one Melanie Chisholm, AKA Sporty Spice, was my least favourite Spice. Back in the day, I thought Mel C tried too hard and always had those crazy eyes. Back in the day my favourite Spice was Ginge.

Oh how the times do change.

For you see today – and for a couple of years now, at least since the reunion and probably a year or two before that – those placings have switched like the poles in 2012.

Ms. Chisholm won me over with years of hard work, solid music and real personal growth. As Sporty became more sure of herself as a person, Geri seemed to go from insecurity to insecurity and what once seemed like youthful exuberance became a braying need to be the centre of attention. Even this ardent Spice Girls fan had to agree with Sporty when she worried that a reunion would affect the legacy that the Girls created. Sensible, mature and proud of her Spice Roots, the Sporty one is a poster child for the back end of pop stardom (Paul McCartney could do with taking a few pointers, wanker).

Anyway, this all brings me to my favourite celebrity tweet of 2010 by the lady herself, Melanie C. This tweet so engenders what I want from a celebrity on Twitter that I almost wondered if it came from some genius public relations guru tweeting on behalf of Sporty. It is humorous, reverent, and mocking at the same time. It is the last line in the epilogue, spoken by good old Sporty, at the end of Spice World: The Movie. This is exactly what’s amazing and Ms. Chisholm: she loves the Spice Girls just as much as you do.

Well-played Sporty Spice, well-played.