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As many of you are already aware, I love Coronation Street. That it is still amazing fully 50 years since premiering only goes to show what a truly brilliant programme it is.

Why do I love Coronation Street?

Firstly, unlike American soap operas (which I detest), it focuses on everyday people, rather than the lives of the rich and famous. At the heart of Coronation Street is a community of people who, despite the odd murder or act of adultery, care about eachother.

Most importantly, Coronation Street has a strong sense of it’s own ridiculousness and has the best sense of humour of any soap I’ve ever seen. IT IS BOTH HEARTFELT AND HYSTERICAL!

My favourite ever scene from Coronation Street is attached below. Having just re-watched it a few times I am reminded of how many fantastic storylines were unfolding simultaneously at this point in time “on the cobbles.”

A brief synopsis: Todd Grimshaw and Sarah-Louise Platt are due to have a baby and were due to be wed until Todd realized he was a big gay after trying – unsuccessfully – to pash Sarah-Lou’s brother and subsequently bedding sexy male nurse Karl. Sarah-Lou’s mother Gail becomes infuriated and decides to confront Todd and his mother Eileen at their home.

[sidenote: Gail “Why are we always the victims” Platt earlier married a serial killer that tried to kill the whole Platt clan by driving the family minivan into a canal]

Anyway, across the street, Sally and Kevin Webster look on from their home as Sally, who had at the this point desired to become a Dina Lohan style momager, blathers on about how they need to send their daugher – the insufferable Rosie – to stage school. Also happening to be wandering by is Fred Elliot and his bride to be who was pretending to be a hard-down-by Asian immigrant but who was, in fact, a slag from down the local market.

Do yourself and favour and invest 6 minutes and 43 seconds watching this – admittedly far from HD – clip. If you can watch this and not be drawn into the wonderful world of Coronation Street, you are a stronger person than I. The moment at 4:20 when Gail lunges at Eileen will surely go down in the annals of television history as one of the greatest moments ever in serial drama. IT IS AMAZING.


This has all got a bit long-winded but needless to say the recent 50th anniversary celebration featuring a tram crashing onto Coronation Street was suitably epic and AMAZING. It was a week-long television event and I was hooked from the word go. The only challenge was trying not to cry for the entire thing as it masterfully orchestrated the kind of emotional response I usually reserve for airport goodbyes. Not only were people dying left, right and centre but it focussed on the real relationships between these everyday characters and reminded you of everything you love about Coronation Street (which was surely the whole point).

Well-played Coronation Street, well-played.