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As you may or may not be aware, British Big Brother signed off this summer for the last time.

In my humble opinion it was the greatest reality show yet to have been created, largely because of it’s relatively simple concept which was as follows:

1. Chuck some people in a house.
2. Booze them up.
3. Watch them interact with eachother (aka sex and fights).


Big Brother was a ridiculous programme in the best possible sense. We as the audience got to watch people reveal themselves and vote for behaviours we found acceptable or not.

The above video shows the pitch-perfect intro for the last ever episode of Big Brother. I doubt that any reality show will come anywhere near this ending’s amazing-ness for some time to come. It’s reverent but ridiculous and celebratory but sad. I think it’s an absolutely perfect television moment.

I really do think that how a show ends makes or breaks the way it is remembered. Some shows do this spectacularly well such as Six Feet Under (perhaps the best ending for any show ever) and The UK Office. Some shows do it very poorly such as Will & Grace, Friends, etc. The worst of which, in my opinion, was Lost, which basically took a once great show and made the entire last season complete and utter bollocks with no relation to the rest of the series. IT WAS SHIT.