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As mentioned yesterday Glee’s back.

Another big reason for this is the Hummel’s in whom Glee has found it’s heart. Burt Hummel will surely go down in the televisual pantheon as one of the mediums greatest fathers; from grappling with his son’s gaiety to defending him with vigor in one short season. Burt’s unconditional love and support of Kurt has brought about some of the more heartfelt moments on the show, none moreso than when Burt has held newly minted stepson Finn to account for his lax attitude to Kurt’s bullying.

Carole (nee Hudson) has been with us since the pilot and has progressed from down-trodden single mother to empowered everywoman subsequently falling for, the aforementioned, Burt. Their wedding proved to be a highpoint both musically and narratively so far this season.

The amount of times I have watched that video is now hovering in the double digits and I have yet to view it without getting a little misty when Carole makes her appearance and struts down the isle.

[SIDENOTE: A friend of mine – who is getting married himself next year – recently assumed I am a wedding crier. I was a little insulted – not as insulted as I was when other friends of mine eloped: ELOPING IS THE ULTIMATE INSULT! – until I realized, to my horror, that I AM a wedding crier. I suppose that’s life. End sidenote.]

Back to Glee though, what is so amazing about the above clip and Teenage Dream from yesterday is not only that they capture great narrative moments, but that the songs are great too. Both Marry You and Teenage Dream sound great in Glee-style and are good enough in their own right separate from the originals, which has not always been the case until recently again.

Oh, and I thought Rachel was singing “this dancing jew” – which to be fair is a much better lyric – not this dancing juice. That is the last piece of the puzzle in my mind that will take Glee back to top form: edge. The show has lost it’s edge a little, and I can’t imagine them mentioning a student’s gag reflex anymore – as they did in episode two – which is a shame. One reason for this is the less-frequent appearances of the deranged Terri (former wife to Will), who is evil and AMAZING. Also there needs to be more Emma Pillsbury (equally amazing but significantly less evil).

[Another SIDENOTE: How awful is the lyric “this dancing juice?” I honestly thought it must’ve been a Glee thing to remove some profanity or other in the original only to discover (aghast) that it IS the original. Seriously? It doesn’t really even rhyme. And if that’s what you’re going for so many other things rhyme with juice. The colour puce? A giant moose? The Christmas Truce? Or if you’re stuck on juice, why not “this gin and juice” or something? Poorly-played Bruno Mars, poorly-played. End sidenote.]

So yes, Glee is pretty good again.

Also Coach Beiste is fantastic.