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Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I was a huge fan of Glee when it first premiered over 2 years ago and I continued to espouse the greatness of Glee for many months to follow.

While I have continued to enjoy Glee during the time that I have not being blogging about it maniacally, it has undoubtedly fallen below the par set during the first thirteen episodes when it was far and away the freshest and funniest programme on television.

I think it has turned a corner.

That is to say that I’ve happy-cried during two of the last three episodes. It all started with an episode entitled “Never Been Kissed” which sees Kurt venturing to a private school in a mission to scout out a rival glee club. This is where he finds a boy named Blaine (played by the above pictured Darren Criss) and discovers that there are gays out there that aren’t harassed or ignored. Also Blaine is hot.

This is something that was never on TV when I was growing up. It may seem trivial but this storyline, and the gentle swoonsome attraction between Kurt and Blaine, is something completely fresh and exciting to a mainstream primetime show. Blaine sings “Teenage Dream” in Kurt’s direction and Kurt all but melts. I was pretty much the same on my couch, being honest.


[Sidenote, no one is more into this song than the dude standing next to Kurt. He is Breaking. It. Out.]

I know I’m a big gay but I really do feel like the Kurt storyline is single-handedly turning Glee around. The most important part of that though is the bullying storyline which adds some important depth to what is a very frothy show. It kind of grounds the ridiculousness somehow.

For too long in the second part of the first season and early this season Glee just seemed to meander and frivolously pick up and drop storylines simply to get a bunch of songs out. This storyline not only seems to have legs but adds some much needed gravity to a show threatening to float away into Karaoke Hour with Lea Michelle.

This post wasn’t originally going to be a two-parter but brevity is not my strong suit when I’m talking Glee.

À demain.